We Found a New Opportunity for Your Company

What’s going to change?

Company Valuation

Added advantage if another entity is to evaluate the company and the purchase offers received, according to an economic-financial rationale.

Identification of P. Investors

The sale of a company requires a significant effort of prospecting, selection, contact and presentation to potential investors, in a process that requires specialized time and resources.

Support in the Negotiation Process

Generally, those who sell have no experience in buying and selling companies, so mistakes are easily made that compromise the business.

Professional Secrecy

Sales support allows businesspeople to be protected from excessive and time-consuming exposure to relationships with buyers or their agents.

Sale of Companies

It was designed with the aim of supporting Customers who are looking to sell or go public on their companies.

Generally, those who sell have no experience in buying and selling companies. In this process, mistakes can be made that end up compromising the business.

What Problems Could Motivate Your Company to Sell?

  • Personal wear resulting from the company’s growth
  • Lack of succession
  • Problems between members
  • Need to change personal life
  • Personal and family problems
  • Financial difficulties
  • Lack of capital to expand the company

Our process

We know that at this stage, having support is essential. Our Process was designed with the objective of safeguarding businessmen from excessive and long exposure in the relationship with buyers or their agents.

  • Company Characterization

  • Disclosure and Identification of Potencial Investors

  • Final Negotiation

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