EWP Consulting has been certified, since 2008, by ISO 9001 Quality Standard. Your General Quality System is documented and implemented, maintained and continuously improved in order to increase Costumer Satisfaction and the entire Organization.

EWP Consulting’s Quality Policy was built under six key pillars:

1. Culture of Continuous Improvement – The demand for improvement should be present in all the work we do.

2. Costumer Service – Ensure high standards of Costumer satisfaction and loyalty, through permanent monitoring, requirements and expectations created by our Costumers.

3. Skills Development – Promote the professional and human development of each person, seeking their professional and personal achievement, as well, as their preparation to ensure their functions and responsibilities.

4. Values – Maintain a practice of relationship with each Employee and Client based on honestly, competence, accuracy, responsibility, requirement, respect and ethics.

5. Sustainability – Ensuring the necessary conditions for the sustainable development of the Organization.

6. Social Responsibility – The company should be an instrument at the service of the Common Good, supporting projects and initiatives aimed at the most deprived.

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