The Support Your Company Needs

  • Beneficiaries

    SME of any nature and any legal form, with at least 3 jobs

  • Incentive Rate

    Non-refundable support (lost fund) of 75% eligible expense

  • Minimum Eligible Investment

    Variable value depending on the type of Vale

Vales Project

It allows SMEs to hire consultancy services in certain areas, to entities properly qualified for this purpose. 

Open applications

Until the appointment of closure, applications will be open until 31/12/2020

Types of Vales

Vale Oportunidades de Investigação

It is intended for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with projects to acquire services in research and technological development and technology transfer activities.

Vale Incubação

Micro and Small Enterprises, with less than a year of existence, is intended to support projects to acquire incubation services (management, marketing, legal advice and financing) that are essential to start the company.

Vale Oportunidades de Internacionalização

It is intended for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that want to evaluate and identify opportunities for internationalization, allowing an evolution in the value chain.

Vale Economia Circular

It is intended for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises whose projects aim at the acquisition of consulting services with a view to identifying a strategy that leads to the adoption of Circular Economy business plan

Vale Comércio

Its is intended for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that present individual projects, with economic activities in the trade, services and catering sectors, whose sales value the national offer.

Vale Empreendedorismo

It is intended to finance consulting projects and services in the area of entrepreneurship, in order to support the creation of companies, through the development of business plans and marketing plans.

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