The Support Your Company Needs

  • Beneficiaries

    Small and Medium-Sized enterprises with less than two years of existence

  • Incentive Rate

    Incentive between 35% and 75%

  • Minimum Eligible Investment


System of Incentives to Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship

It aims to strengthen the levels of qualified and creative entrepreneurship through direct support to entrepreneurs and favoring the creation of new business in high and medium-high-tech sectors

Some eligible expenses:

  • Costs of purchasing machinery and equipment
  • Patent-protected licenses, «know-how» or technical knowledge
  • Studies, diagnostics, audits, marketing plans and architectural and engineering projects

Eligibility Criterion

Being legally constituted

Have organised accounting in accordance with applicable law

Have the tax and contributory situation regularised with, respectively, the tax administration and social security

Declare that it is not an undertaking subject to a recovery injunction

Declare that the company has no salaries in arrears

Have completed the projects previously approved under this section for the same establishment of the company

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