The Support Your Company Needs

  • Beneficiaries

    Micro and Small Businesses

  • Incentive Rate

    Eligible investment (non-refundable) approved to Lost Fund (up to 40% for Low Density Territories and 30% for the remaining Territories )

  • Minimum Eligible Investment

    The eligible investment may go to 100.000€

Entrepreneurship and Employment Incentive System

It’s in condition that job creation is created. For the Algarve, the money available is 2,323 Millions of euros.

Some eligible expenses:

  • Acquisition of machinery, computer equipment (including software)
  • Initial costs associated with application domicile, inicial adherence to electronic platforms
  • Expenses with studies, diagnoses, audits, marketing plans
  • Expenses with refurbishment or adaptation works

Eligibility Criterion

Being legally constituted

Regularized tax and contributory situation

Detain or be able to ensure the licensing of the activity to be exercised

Possess, or be able to ensure until the approval of the application, the technical, physical, financial and human means necessary for the development of the operation

Not having overdue wages

Be micro or small enterprises electronically certified by IAPMEI

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