The Support Your Company Needs

  • Beneficiaries

    Undertakings of any size, nature and in any legal form

  • Incentive Rate

    45% non-refundable incentive (40% for companies based in Lisbon)

  • Minimum Eligible Investment


Innovation Incentive System

It aims to strengthen the business training of SMEs through organizational innovation, applying new organizational methods and processes, using immaterial investments in the area of competitiveness.

Some eligible expenses:

  • Registration, brand creation and design
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital catalogs
  • Development of project-related software
  • Certifications 

Eligibility Criterion

Being legally constituted

Have organised accounting in accordance with applicable law

Have the tax and contributory situation regularised with, respectively, the tax administration and social security

Present a balanced economic and financial situation (greater than or equal to 15%) or demonstrate having the financing capacity of the operation

Have completed projects previously approved under the same typology of projects

Not to be a company in difficult, according to the definition provided for in Article 2.º of the Regulation (EU) n.º 651/2014, from June 16

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