We Evaluate the Value of Your Company

What’s going to change?


Strengthening negotiating capacity.


Increased management capacity.


Minimize risk.

Company Valuation

It was designed with the objective of providing the Customer with data that sustains strategic decisions, linked to different commercial and economic factors.

This process has gained in recent years a considerable importance both with the increase in merger, division, incorporation processes, as well as, with the purchase and sale of companies.

Your company’s assessment should be done periodically to update values, following market trends and effective changes in the company.

What are the needs of your company?

  • Company growth strategy by purchasing suppliers or competitors
  • Total sale or participation of shares
  • Opening of capital to ensure financing for new investments and development of the company
  • Opening of capital to ensure restructuring of liabilities.
  • Exchange of shares with another company
  • Have a very relevant management indicator for the analysis of business development and strategic decision-making

Our process

Our Business Evaluation Process is based on three main phases:

  • Goal Setting

  • Selection of Evaluation Models

  • Calculation of Company Value

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