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What’s going to change?


Validate the veracity of the company’s accounting information.


Professionalism throughout the business process with Investors


Minimize the risks associated with a process of acquiring a company.


Validate all assets ad liabilities held by the Company


Correct appreciation of the company in the process of sale.


External, exempt and imparcial opinion of the economic and financial situation of the company.


it has been thought on the basis of the changes that the market has seen, i.e. this process is increasingly focused on internal process control and risk analysis rather than focusing exclusively on accounting.

Audits are no longer just “reactive” (review of past facts) and become “proactive” (ensuring continuity of operations, suggestions for improvement).

What are the needs of your company?

  • Ascertain the value of the company
  • Characterize the economic and financial situation
  • Solve problems with the quality of the company’s financial information

Our process

Our Audit process validates, in  detail, all financial information of a company. It is based on the accounting principles in force and the rules established internally by Society.

  • Preparation of the Audit Plan

  • Audit Execution

  • Analysis

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