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Somos uma empresa de consultoria empresarial. Trabalhamos no apoio à gestão de PME há 20 anos.

A nossa missão é tornar as PME em empresas mais competitivas.

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Management Planning and Control

Management Planning and Control

You must have surely wondered how you would like to change management procedures in your company. In reality, we often come to the conclusion that this is a lot more complex than you think.

Oganization improvement starts with how you control the business and how each area is performing. This is the only way to understand the challenges that you will have to face ahead and adopt the required changes.

Investment Projects

Investment Projects

This is a key area for the sucess of any company. Learn with precsion what are the required economic conditons for the viability of your business, identify your critical points and decide on the best-suited finance structure for your case.

To believe that your management decision was based on best practices, and not random, spur of the moment decisons , is a key aspect to the sucess of your company.

Sale of Companies

Sale of Companies

The decison to sell a company cannot be taken lightly, but in most cases this is a fundamental step to initiate a new phase in your personal and entrepeneurial life.

In order to suceed, this process requires a high degree of professionalism, an accurate business assessement and full awareness of emotional-related issues.

Reinforcing the Team

Reinforcing the Team

To find the best-suited employee may seem a difficult task for most commpanies, either because the candidate´s profile is not aligned with the needs of the company or given the increasingly changing market environment.

Do you want to open a company?

The launching of a business is a phase where enthusiasm is mixed with the problems that one may encounter together with an awareness of the risks t to be assumed.

2019 started with a high degree of entrepreneurial spirit. January recorded an increase in the number of new companies launched, more precisely 6,333 new companies, as compared with the same period of last year. However, the number of companies closing down has also soared.

Did you know that one over three StartUps close down within their first year? If you wish to start your own business, you need to ensure that you will not join these statistics…”.

The Opinion of Our Clients

  • EWP strongest assets are the permanent care and attention that we dedicate to our clients. We always stand ready to support them.

    João Botinas
    João Botinas CEO | Lusokit
  • We feel wholeheartedly supported. We know that they care about us and that they are always willing and available to support us, whenever we need it.

    Fedra Coelho
    Fedra Coelho CEO | Yin Motion
  • The proximity and simpliciy to reach out to the company. The team is extremely professional.

    Casimiro Pia
    Casimiro Pia CEO | Almeida&Pia

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